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All major change in the world happens through network orchestration

Digital Is The Driver

The Network is The Thing

And Communication Is The Currency

The word panarchy refers to the systems that govern nature, from the genome to the microbiome to the biosphere.

Everything is a network.



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internet of things



supplier ecosystem

international space station

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Web 3.0

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Organizations & Teams

You are a network. Your organization is a network. Your stakeholder ecosystem is a network. The challenge is leaders aren’t trained to see, think and orchestrate in networks. Most fail to understand that Network Orchestration and Transformation is an applied science.

We help organizations, industries and sectors transform at the speed of technology and the world.

We help leaders complexify their cognition for a globally networked age and see, think and act in networks.

 Introducing Network Design. Linking Network Science, Transformational Leadership and Digital Capability to Business System Design

NETWORK DESIGN: what do you want your network to achieve?

Strategic innovation

New business model generation

Partner ecosystem creation

ESG implementation

Next-gen organization

Leadership transformation

Network mapping and orchestration

Business-Social Movement Acceleration

Panarchy learning lab initiatives transform individuals, companies and ecosystems. We are currently working on:

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Community Health



Panarchy’s mission is to make network design part of the living fabric of organizations. Panarchy will help your organization innovate, disrupt, and lead at today’s speed and scale of networks.

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Who We Are

bob gutermuth

Standing in the confluence of technology, marketing and strategy Bob pioneered the Cagency model — a consulting firm married with a digital agency.  As such, he has been recognized for his cutting-edge leadership by organizations such as MSNBC and WorldBlu for creating one of the world’s most innovative companies and democratic workplaces, and named a Top Five B2B Marketer by B2B Magazine. Bob formerly led marketing for Dell’s $9B Public Sector Division before founding Dialog in 2005. The firm saw early on the power of networks and the role that value propositions served in shaping them, and helped leading organizations including Apple, AT&T, The Presidential Libraries, and Nike take advantage of network-based approaches to leadership, marketing and transformation.

Known as being inventive, integrative and authentic, Bob has helped top performing teams including HP, Ernst & Young, and Dell Technologies compete at the next-level and navigate transformational change.

 Mark thompson

As CEO, Mark brings an unusual mix of C-suite, technology, healthcare, and business development and marketing experience to bear on creating growth at all levels in and around an organization. Mark has been a vice president and general manager at a national telecom as well as Dell, and Microsoft. Having been a senior executive at leading hardware, software, and telecommunications companies, Mark has an exceptionally well-rounded view of marketing, ecosystem management, and the nature of the way technology is shaping our world.

Mark is skilled at identifying adjacent markets for business growth. As a corporate development executive, he has created over $1B in new venture revenue via acquisitions and alliances.

vince dibianca

Vince DiBianca is recognized as a pioneer, leading thinker and senior practitioner in the field of leadership transformation. As a partner at Touche Ross (now Deloitte Touche); co-founder of DiBianca-Berkman Group; and chief change management partner for CSC Index. He has led organization transformation across many sectors. Client projects have produced unparalleled results in the creation of new markets; time-to-market; cultural transformation; merger assimilation; vision creation; and profitable growth. Ecosystem level projects include reinventing health care information, the NextGen financial marketplace, rapid ESG implementation and the acceleration of global business/social leadership movements.

By recognizing it’s impossible to learn if you already know, his clients produce “unprecedented innovation at every scale” — individual, team, enterprise, and ecosystem. He has lectured at leading business schools including USC, Harvard and Wharton and is currently co-authoring a book, Leading from the Edge of Tomorrow with Mark de L. Thompson.

anne miller

Anne Miller is distinguished by her action-oriented approach that “it’s far easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting”She has worked globally with leaders committed to realize extraordinary futures for themselves and their organizations. As a citizen of both the UK and US, Anne held senior roles with global consultancies, throughout the US, UK and Hong Kong and currently serves as a strategic partner of DiBianca Associates.

Anne specializes in action learning, rapid cycle time innovation and advanced change management.  She created the Action Lab™ for C-level executives to accelerate breakthrough results while expanding their collaborative competencies.  She has partnered with leading business schools – including London Business School, Vanderbilt and Arizona State University. At London Business School, she created and served as Director and faculty for the flagship Entrepreneurship Summer School.

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